My Story

My Story

I’d like you to know something about who I am as a person.

At least for me, who the person is matters first.

Because if I like who they are, then what they’ve accomplished just makes me more honored to know them.

If you decide you like who I am, you can always visit my LinkedIn page to see some of what I’ve accomplished so far.

But for now, here’s a bit about how I grew up and what matters to me, so you can decide if I’m a person you might want to get to know a little better.


So Away we go…


It Begins Here:


I was born out of a one time, good time.

So I grew up with my Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother and Uncle.

My Grandfather was a good man and a college professor, but when I was 10, he had a stroke and never spoke again.

And when I was 12, he died suddenly.

My single mom was a Medical Secretary, but was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when I was 14 and became totally disabled by the time I was 18.

My Grandmother was a smart, well educated woman and the kindest, most loving person I’ve ever known.

She lived to 97, still sharp, loving and sharing an amazing perspective on life.

This was Her life that began12 years before the Spanish American war.

Here’s a sample of what she experienced:

The invention of indoor toilets, the telephone, the first radio broadcast, the first Television, Women finally getting the right to vote.

Two World Wars, including the 1918 Pandemic, the introduction of Jazz/Blues, the Great Depression, the Cuban Missile Crisis, political assassinations, and the Vietnam war.

The Civil Rights Movement, the mission of Martin Luther King, the introduction of The Pill, Women’s Liberation, the Kent State tragedy, the Free Love Movement, the birth of Rock in Roll, and then watched mankind Land On The Moon! 

Yet, through all see saw and shared with me, she was always positive, happy and trying to make life better for others.

But by the time I was in my mid 30’s, all the people who raised me were gone… except one.

My Uncle Bill.

And he could have won the award for

“Most Unlikely To Survive.”


Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill was a complex, amazing guy.

No matter what happened, he just kept moving forward.

Why most unlikely to survive?

Well, he was a calamity guy.

And we were on a first name basis with the local Emergency Room staff.
In addition to car accidents, falling off a roof onto an iron railing, accidentally lighting himself on fire (now that was an interesting 2:00 AM call…) and a variety of other “curious” incidents,

He also became an Alcoholic.

 And then decided to kick it. 

And did.

He also became addicted to pain meds.

And then decided to kick it.

And did.

He was also a smoker, but…


“No Paul. I’m not giving this one up.”


The only vice he told me he wasn’t giving up, was smoking.

He knew it was bad for him.

It ultimately gave him cancer in several places and damaged his circulation to the point where both his legs were eventually amputated from Gangrene.
And yet, through all that, 

He still thrived as the funny, intelligent, caring guy he always was.

So what actually ended him? 

In Uncle Bill style, a Wheelchair accident….

As he lay unconscious in intensive care,

his brain swelling and being damaged too fast to save him.

he trusted me to always tell him the truth.

So I told him, we couldn’t fix this one.

A tear ran from his eye. I held his hand, stood by him and honored what he asked in his living will. 


So did I have a good life growing up?


The way I saw it, there were some hard times happening to good people I loved. 

So I worked to help them get through it.

Because even if I couldn’t fix their problems, they always knew they were never alone.

Not that it didn’t suck sometimes.

Sometimes it truly sucked. 

But along the way I learned that happiness is available to us no matter what the circumstances.

It’s all in how we choose to respond.


It’s Not About What Life Has Done “To” Us


Some say my life growing up was hard.

Maybe harder than some, but nothing compared to some others. 

I just figured out early I was responsible for my life being a good life.

Nobody else.

It drove me to get clear about who I was, to me.       

What I really cared about and to figure out what tools I’d been given to make that happen. 


A Training Ground For Being More


I know, it sounds pretty “woo woo,” but I saw my life as a kind of training ground for learning to be more.

And I believed I must have been given clues about what I was supposed to be doing on that journey.  


The Search Began


Early on I wanted to know what my strengths were so I could start doing work I could excel at.

I believed those strengths were clues pointing me towards what I “should” be doing with my life.

 I looked for ways to uncover those strengths more quickly vs accidentally (the usual way),

I discovered that even if I could do something well, I needed to feel connected to why it that mattered to me, a Purpose behind doing it, or I still felt empty.

So I learned ways to get to Why I was willing to run through a hail storm to accomplish some things and not others.

But knowing my strengths and what drove me, I realized there was one more piece missing to create a good, happy life:

I needed to get clear about the Experience Of Life I Actually Wanted! (duh!)

I know it sounds obvious, but no one ever mentioned to me that if I didn’t intentionally get clear about what experiences I wanted as part of my life everyday, I’d miss out on a life I truly felt happy about. 

And so that’s what I did.


Putting The Pieces Together

Knowing my greatest strengths, what drives me to care, and armed with a list of the most important experiences I wanted in my life everyday, I began changing what I did and how I lived my life.

And as I did, my life became more fun, more successful and I attracted more people who wanted to be a part of the happiness I was feeling living this way.

Was it easy to start living differently?

Sometimes not.

I found I needed to let some old habits go that were stealing my thunder and add a few new ones that supported me in living My version a of happy life.

The one I got very clear about.

Everyday I keep moving closer and closer to the experience of life that Lights Me Up inside more often than before.

And that makes everyday more interesting,  and fun to wake up to!

No BS… it really does work like this.

And it can for you too.

I know why I’m here, I watch for where the world needs me and I keep connecting myself to people, work and experiences that excite me to be a part of each day.

I don’t wait around hoping others will make my life happy.

I intentionally act to create my happiness in everything I do and with everyone I meet.

Is everyday Ice cream and Roses?


But because I’m always looking for ways to add fun to each day and apply my gifts to help solve problems,

I get more hours, of more days, that are just plain fun to live.

And that works for me.

Along my journey, I created a way to get clear about my own value and the experience of life I want,

So I make better choices.

And because along the way I keep refining and always learning more, I keep getting better at it.


What Do You Want Your Life To Feel Like?


Let me help you grab some perspective Right Now…

1.  Grab a pen and paper or your favorite device with a note app.

Put at the top:

Experiences I Want In My Life Consistently

2. Simply make a list of the experiences you’d like to have in your life on a consistent basis.

Ask yourself:

“If I could design into my Daily life any experiences I choose that would make me feel more Lit Up inside, what would they be?”

And write them down.

No limitations.

It’s just your personal blue sky of experiences that make you happy list. Not a bucket list (that’s to long term for this.)

Put down as many little experiences you’ve found make you happy that could be easily added into any day.

Keep writing until you have run out of thoughts.

Now set the list aside for a few minutes to let it brew (maybe grab a coffee! 🙂

Then Come Back and Read The Entire List.

3. Now, pick One Experience you’d like in your life now that would:

* Add a quick experience of happiness
* Can be done in a few minutes
* Will cause the least amount of schedule disruption.
(Nothing that will mean an overhaul to your daily schedule. Just Easily fit in.)

4. Pull out your calendar and add Doing It into your day starting tomorrow. 

It can be as simple as sending a Thank You text to someone you meant to thank, but haven’t.

Just one simple thing you could do that would make life better for someone.

Maybe you block out five minutes for a Give Back Moment into your calendar

and do just one M-F as a regular part of your daily routine.

That’s it.

You’ve just created your first consistent experience of learning to live intentionally in real life.

See how you feel about yourself as each experience gets done.

I started with learning meditation at 19 to help me disengage stress.

As I learned more, I put together a process that helped me get clear about what what my strengths were, what mattered to me and the experience of life I actually wanted as my life.

Others asked if they could learn more about what I do so they might live a happier, more connected life.

I refined the process I was using and began teaching what I do to others.

It helped them in amazing ways to recognize what they bring to the world and how they can create life that feels connected, important and fun!

And now it’s called:


It’s a course wrapped within a Membership.


Because with only a course, you finish and no matter how great it was, you’re on your own from there.

That didn’t help me put the improvements into my real life and maybe you’ve found the same thing.

What I needed was to be coached as I was learning and implementing so I could make the changes I wanted stick!

So I combined the easy to follow process of a course to give you your foundation

and added the continuity of ongoing training, constant learning and a community space that breathes the same big picture mission.


Circumstances are just facts.


We each have our own complicated journey.

But from the moment the facts of what’s happening show up, we get to decide how to experience them.

And that makes all the difference between living a life we love and living a heavy life that keeps on burning us out.

I had my Uncle Bill to show me that I always get to choose how life goes, especially when the circumstances are tough.

If you choose to, you can also create a life that Light’s You Up inside!

Define Your North Star,

And keep moving towards it for the rest of your life.

As you do, you become more appreciative of the genuine value you bring to the world.

And here’s something I didn’t realize would happen as I did,

I Learned To Love Myself.

Stop waiting at the curb for your life to come along. 

Start Building A Great Life, not an accidental life.

Start Living A Life That Lights You Up Everyday! 

You really can do this.

But it’s your choice.

Because It’s your life, nobody else’s.

Decide to make it a great life that’s fun, connected and matters to you.

Become A Member

Only you can create a happy life.

I will help you create an intentionally happy life now. 

Start here.

Cheers to the wonderful life you’ll create!


Paul A. Good MM, MEd
ThePowerOf Intentional Living/Purposeful:

Want to know more? Write me at:
Or Call Me At: 781-343-1077


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