A Great Life Requires

Intentional Habits


It’s not enough to just want a great life. 

It’s a decision to focus what we do each day on building the experience of life we want.

The issue is…..we all are designed to create habits.

Some are very helpful.

And some… they aren’t necessarily working for us.

(Some can downright mess us up, right?) 

But We Get To Fix That

One of the most important Tools to add to your Intentional Living Toolbox is the power to intentionally create new habits that drive your unconscious actions towards the experience of life you want.

Enter B.J. Fogg

Stanford Professor, Behavioral Scientist and Author, B. J. Fogg, has spent years working to understand how we can intentionally create new habits that truly help us change our lives for the better.

Fogg’s methods are deceivingly simple. They remove “will power” from the process, and make installing new habits easy, based upon a cornerstone of Tiny.

Often that can mean really tiny, so we start embedding the new behavior in a very small, bit sized way, steering clear of anxiety and self-doubt. 

I’ve found his work so powerful I’ve incorporated his methods into The Power Of Intentional Living Membership journey.

His techniques give us a very adaptable, powerful way to assure new life choices turn into a lasting reality change. Ie. truly Stick

Get An Edge On Changing Life For The Better

If you’d like to get a jump start on one of the powerful tools you’ll learn within the TPIL Membership, I have a link to his book below.

It’s offered in whatever way you soak up knowledge best:

Physical print, digital (kindle) or the Audible version (which BJ Fogg reads and adds additional background not found in the print additions).

Just choose the one that fits you best and I bet you’ll find this journey very worthwhile.

Enjoy this truly breakthrough method, based upon years of solid behavioral research, and a lot of real life testing and refinement. (thanks to over 40,000 people so far!)

Start having fun intentionally adding one consistent, positive daily experience into your life!

One that will make your life, your business or your relationships work better and better every day.

Because You were born to have a Vibrant, Connected, Happy life.


Isn’t it time to take charge of the internal software and start telling it to create the experience of life you’ve chosen, instead of the one being randomly dished out when you don’t?

You can check out B.J. Foggs wonderful book “Tiny Habits” below.



PS: It would be awesome to hear about your experiences when you put what you’ve learned in play in your life.

Please let me know at: AskUs@ThePowerOfIntentionalLiving.com or on our Facebook Page: ThePowerOfIntentionalLiving 

Paul A. Good MM, MEd
Visit me on Facebook/Instagram/IGTV: ThePowerOfIntentionalLiving

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