Built into us is a dominant way we live our life…

and we missed the Memo.


Author Gretchen Rubin, well known for her upbeat, deep dive into “Happiness” in her book “The Happiness Project,” began to recognize an interesting pattern emerging in her research in the way each of us responds to life.

This triggered her next dive into our human tendencies and how some people seem to leverage them in very effective ways and other don’t.

Discovering, or should I say, recognizing this embedded trait in my own life was both an “Ouch!” and a “Wow, I can stop waisting time beating myself up,” kind of experience.

Removing Roadblocks

When I recognized how my tendency was directing my life, sometimes in ways that were not helping me, I suddenly realized I could now use that understanding to help me remove road blocks, instead of creating them.

And that was very cool.

It’s also why I added this insightful tool to the others I use within “The Power Of Intentional Living” process I teach within our Membership.

The more you uncover and use the unique combination of tools you’ve been given, to create the experience of life you want, the more fulfilled and successful you feel.

The book has a lot of enlightening examples of how each of the four tendencies play out in real life. So don’t miss out on the context Rubin skillfully details in her book.

And there is an online Four Tendencies Assessment you can take, that both quickly identifies which of the four tendencies is most core to you, and helps her continue her valuable data research.

For now, she’s made the assessment Free.

Have fun learning more about how you were built and how to use it more effectively to create an experience of life you love.



The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin


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