What do you value about you…


When was the last time you stopped to get clear on the value of you?

It’s likely the voice in your head just said, “Who cares? I’m me everyday. I don’t need to waste time putting it into words. I’m just me.”

But just for a moment, remember the last time you beat yourself up for being a failure at something.

At that moment, you probably felt like that was who you were, and forgot about everything else you actually are.

When we let moments blur the value of what makes us uniquely “us,” we can easily lose site of why we matter.

And not remaining clear about why we matter, can take us down a dangerous road in life.

The Power Of Knowing Who You Are

Getting clear on the value of what we feel makes us uniquely us, is so important.

When we have a strong sense of what we bring to the table, we have a foundation to fall back on when life throws us a curve.

We  can draw from that strength, and remind ourselves that there’s a big difference between what’s happening at the moment and who we are.

Building “I Am” Strength

Imagine if each day you started from a clear perspective about who you are and the contribution you are able to make during that day.

Like a craftsperson getting ready for work, you begin by looking into your “toolbox” to be prepared for what the day brings.

Create Something Better

You get that chance everyday.

By creating your “I Am” statement in Step #1 on our Home page, and making it a part of your daily living, you stay clear on the value you bring to each day.

And because you’re clear, you see more opportunities where you know you have the right stuff to add value.

More places where you can make the moments with others better.

Or those moments alone more comfortable, when it’s just you talking to you.

Take This Time To Build On You

Do this with the intention of creating this reminder as a new habit.

One that puts your genuine, you know it’s true, value in front of you consistently, so “moments” never blur those lines again.

Be sure to download the “I Am” Worksheet in Step #1.

The instructions are on the sheet to guide you. (Here’s the link to Step #1)

Use it to build your own picture of who you are, according to you.

Then make it the way you start and end your day for the next week.

After each time you play or read it, sense how you feel about you.

More positive, stronger in focus, more confident, more proud of who you are.

At the end of the week, commit to doing the same for one more week.

Staying clear about your unique, talents and passions, gives you leverage to overcome obstacles and transform the moments around you.

When you Subscribe I walk you through all three steps that help you recognize your gifts and put them to use in everyday life.

Because that’s where the magic happens.

Go to Step #1 here to download your “I Am” Worksheet.

Never stop moving forward.


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Recommended Tools For Change: The clearer you are about what matters, the more value you get from being productive.

In the book, Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg, he’ll show you a variety of interesting and proven ways to create more time for yourself, your family and your friends.

Let me know if you find it valuable to you. (Contact Us)

Cheers, Paul

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