Purposeful: The Power Of Knowing Why You Matter

Purposeful: The Power Of Knowing Why You Matter


“How do I get a life that matters to me?”

Purposeful: The Power Of Knowing Why You Matter

I used to ask that question a lot. 

I worked hard, but the days just felt empty.

And bit by bit, it was wearing me down. 

Inside I kept shouting…


“Why is it so hard to figure out what to do with my life?

I want a life I’m excited about, damn it.

Don’t I get to do that?”


More and more it seemed like the answer was
“No Paul, you don’t…”


But it just didn’t make sense.


Everything has a Purpose,

and I wanted to know mine.


I had to be looking in the wrong places.

And I was.


The Clues Were Right Inside Me


We all take lots of little actions in our lives everyday. 

But most of them are made unconsciously, with no specific intention.


I realized up to that moment, I wasn’t consciously at the helm of my own life!

I was just Reacting To Life as it happened and hoping it would turn out well.


That way definitely was not working.


I Was Blind To Me


I realized I’d never sat down and taken stock in the talents and gifts I already had.

I didn’t know what I really cared about, or why it mattered.

I couldn’t even describe what I actually wanted my “great life” to look like!


Wow, no wonder my life felt like an empty blur.


So I went on a mission to know Me.


I took personal “assessments” used in psychology and business.

Joined personal development trainings and courses, read over two hundred books on the subject, earned two Master’s degrees in the process and then


I Finally Woke Up.


I realized I’d come into this life with an amazing set of tools to help me live a really fun, happy, successful life.

And I was barely using any of them!

I was like a talented carpenter with a great box of tools,

who only used a screwdriver and a hammer for every challenge I worked on!


My natural gifts and values were my keys to creating a great life all along!

I was literally built to do those things well.


But the life I was living…

It was barely connected to the very things I was created to be great at.


So I stopped living someone else’s life.

Purposeful: The Power Of Knowing Why You Matter

I took that “Me data” and started using it to guide me to where I’d have the greatest opportunities for success.

But there was one other piece missing: The BIG Picture

Being clear about the experience of life I actually wanted.

My North Star. 

And when I did…


It turned around everything in my life.

  • I connected myself with work that developed my gifts and mattered to me.
  • I finally knew why I cared, and it brought greater value to my relationships.
  • New opportunities opened up for creating and doing a lot of fun, very cool things.

And that amazing life keeps being created by me everyday.

Because I make it so.

Because my life is Driven by Purpose.

You can do exactly the same thing, but get there much faster.

You can create a life you really love, Intentionally!


It’s what you’re “Supposed To Be Doing” with your life.  

No kidding.


The more you build your life around the best of who you are,

The Better Life Gets.


And you can get there a whole lot faster than I did!


I took what I learned (that worked) and turned it into a step-by-step process.

So a path is cleared, but the entire journey becomes uniquely yours.

It’s called:



Purposeful: The Power Of Knowing Why You Matter

What is Purposeful:?


Purposeful: is a step-by-step process that takes you from living a Reactionary life, to Intentionally Living A Happy Successful Life, with a deep appreciation of who you are. 

You uncover your own value, get clear about the experience of life you want, and start connecting your life to where the world needs you!


Because A Happy Life Happens Intentionally!


In fact, it’s the only way to create a consistently Happy Life.

I show you how you can create Your Happy Life, step-by-step.

Break yourself free from the constant chaos of a Reactionary Life.

Don’t miss another day of feeling Happy about who you are and what you do.


Create A Life You’re Excited To Wake Up To!

Because this is your life. Nobody else’s.

And you get to say how it goes.

Purposeful: The Power Of Knowing Why You Matter

Sign Up For “Purposeful:” Here.

Start Choosing A Life That Light’s You Up Inside!


I can’t wait to for you to experience what’s possible.



Paul A. Good MM, MEd
The Power Of Intentional Living

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