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“How do I get a life that matters to me?”

You work hard, but the days just feel empty.

And bit by bit, it’s wearing you down. 

“Why is it so hard to figure out what I should be doing with my life?”

I used to ask that question a lot. 

I kept wondering “Why can’t I have a life I’m excited about?”

“Don’t I get to do that?”

But more and more it seemed like the answer was “No Paul, you don’t.”

Why Can’t I  “Live A Life That Lights Me Up?”

It just didn’t make any sense the answer would be “No.”

I had to be looking in the wrong places.

And I was.

I Had To Start With Me

We all choose the actions in our lives everyday. 

But it’s usually unconsciously.

For the most part, we just React and hope it turns out well. 

But without having a clear foundation to guide us, how can we make decisions that make a happy, connected, fulfilling life possible?

We’ve all felt the experience of a  Reactionary life…

Tension, Chaos, Emptiness, and Exhaustion. 

Very simply, it sucks.

Everything is designed to create a unique contribution.

And Yes, that includes you and me.

But being Human beings, we’ve created so many external choices, the Chaos around us often distracts us from recognizing ourselves and our own unique gifts.

The very gifts that are the clues to where our life will add the greatest value and contribution.

But recognizing those gifts is only the first step to creating a great life.

We need to define the experience of life we actually want, so we know what we’re going for.

Then, as we break new ground, we need to connect ourselves with people who get where we want to be, and help us keep moving towards it. 

That’s how the experience of life we want, becomes the experience of life we live everyday.

The Power Of Intentional Living Membership was designed to help you build that foundation, get clear about the experience of life you want, and support you as you get there.

How does the process work?

First, we guide you along a step-by-step path where you “Build Your Own Owner’s Manual”™.

It becomes your foundation to operate from, so you can make connected choices going forward.

Next, we help you become clear about the Experience Of Life you actually want.
(Because you can’t be great…If you’re living the wrong life. Where have I heard that?)

Then, along with a growing Member community, we guide and support you, as you weave the elements of the experience you’ve defined, into the fabric of your everyday life.

A life you’ve crafted. 

That feels connected to what matters to you.

One that is fun, energizing and fulfilling.

Like, what you should be doing with your life!

A Great Life Doesn’t Happen Accidentally

That experience comes from learning to Live Intentionally.

Disconnect From A Reactionary Life

Break the chains  of a life that leaves you feeling frustrated and empty.

A life that slowly, consistently drains your happiness and gnaws away at your self-worth.

The greatest danger to ourselves, is feeling like who we are, and what we do, doesn’t matter…to ourselves or to anyone else.

We all know it’s way too easy for us to feel that way when something right now is not going well.

I designed The Power Of Intentional Living’s step-by-step process to help you recognize the genuine value you were given, and understand how those gifts can be applied strategically to create a life you Love.

One you’re excited to wake up to, curious to discover what fun or interesting experiences will unfold today.

A life that feels connected to who you are and what matters to you.

A Life That Lights You Up!

That’s the power of Living Intentionally.

And that’s the experience of life I want to help you build into your life.

And you can.

I hope you’ll choose to Become A Member or Join Our Waitlist Experience when we’re in between opening our doors to new Members.

Because, this is your life.

Nobody else’s.

And you get to say how it goes.

Choose how it goes now.

Grab the wheel and start steering towards a life that truly Lights You Up!

It’s the life you’re supposed to live.

Become A Member now and start connecting the best of who you are, to an experience of life… that you’ve chosen.

I look forward to meeting you inside the Membership!



Paul A. Good MM, MEd
The Power Of Intentional Living

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