The Value Of Step #2

If we think about it, nearly everything that brings us the most fulfillment is connected to one of our natural strengths.


For example, if we love to ski, it’s because it energizes some of our natural abilities. We decide to push through the obstacles of learning, because intuitively we feel it is something we just “know” we can do.

We accept as minor inconveniences the cold, the expense, the travel time, the learning curve.

Depending upon the power of those strengths, the more we use them, the stronger our resolve to keep using them becomes. So we continue practicing, making the sacrifices, psyched to receive that special feeling of success again.


That feeling of being vitally alive.


And it’s that very feeling that signals we’ve uncovered core, natural abilities that can be built upon and applied to many other pursuits.

For example, Skiing involves the willingness to assess risks and overcome them (risk tolerance).

It requires focused control over body movements (physical skill) and a willingness to practice with only the anticipation of what will result, not any personal experience, especially at the beginning.(forward vision).

It often requires an ability to push thorough weakness and stay focused (tenacity and self-preservation).

Knowing What Our Strengths Are Is Key

Recognizing the underlying abilities we unconsciously use in one area, allows us to actively engage that strength when working or playing in others.

In the daily tasks we choose, we are at a powerful advantage if we are clear on what our most powerful strengths are and then focus on building our wealth, health and spirituality around the use of those unique gifts.

The more we do, the more we create a powerful channel for positive momentum that naturally amplifies the efforts we are making.  

And along with it, something else shows up:  

The unmistakeable feeling that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.


But how do we get clear about what our core gifts really are?


Especially since we likely discovered most of our strengths by accident.

Here’s an easy, scientific way.

Personally, this professional tool helped me identify more strengths than I was giving myself credit for.

And the details it provided gave me something I’d not expected.

I suddenly recognized that without exception, every top success I’ve created in my past, occurred when I was using one of my most dominant strengths.

Strengths the assessment called out clearly. (it was actually a bit creepy at first.) 

Now I direct my efforts towards the specific places my strengths are valued, significantly increasing my odds of success and contribution. It not only helps me produce better results, but make better life choices everyday.

Assess Your Natural Strengths-StrengthsFinder 2.0

(from Gallup, Inc.)

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The link above will take you to the companion book (at Amazon) which contains a special code to unlock the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment.

This easy to do, timed (20 secs. per question) online application, developed from over 50 years of strengths research by Gallup, Inc., derives your personalized results from literally millions of people prior to you having contributed to it’s data. 


Interesting, But What’s In It For Me?


If it’s your Wealth / Career you want to transform, it will help you define what types of businesses or work you should look for by how they best align with your specific, most powerful strengths.  

When you intentionally focus the types of responsibilities you take on, based upon their ability to leverage your natural strengths, you significantly increase your ability to succeed.

And Gallup, Inc. has the research data to prove it.

If it’s your Health you want to improve, you’ll be able to look for healthy lifestyles to model that naturally engage your strengths in their activities. The more you engage your strengths in creating healthy behaviors, the more easily you achieve the vitality you desire.

If it’s a deepened sense of Spirituality you want, knowing the details of your top five strengths will help you key in on elements in your spirit that are ecpressions of your natural strenghts. Connectivness, empathy, focus, and other core strengths are channels of your core values. You can use these elements when you choose readings, resources and tools to deepen and expand those connections.

Combine that with being present to your natural Visual, Auditory or Touch orientation, and you will accelerate your ability to apply what you learn in a faster and deeper way.

Any area of your life you want to develop will grow faster and stronger when you’re clear about what your natural strengths are and then intentionally leverage them to help you produce results.

And here’s the bonus:  Feelings of fulfillment begin to show up more often, the better you learn to connect what you do, with the core of who you are. 

Learning to live through your strengths helps clear a path to a life you really love.

So spend a few minutes with yourself, to learn more about yourself.

Click the link below and start your journey to living a fuller, more vital, engaged life. 

And having a deeper appreciation of the miracle you really are.

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Never stop moving forward,

PGSigimage 1Paul

PS:If you’re wondering where Step #1 is, no worries. It’s right here: Step #1: This Is Your Life – Make It Yours.
The key is to complete Step #1 and Step #2 before going on to Step #3, because Step #3 uses the information you uncover during those two steps.

FYI: When you


I walk you through all three steps, with supporting information, to help you quickly go from “interesting, but so what?,” to use in your daily life.

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Cheers, Paul

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